I have three novella's on amazon that you can find here.

And here are some free samples of my writing . Enjoy.

(Oh and do remember that all rights are reserved)

Fiction and non-fiction samples 

The Thing with the Bully.pdf The Thing with the Bully.pdf
Size : 170.926 Kb
Type : pdf
Puppies!.pdf Puppies!.pdf
Size : 850.962 Kb
Type : pdf
Above All Things.pdf Above All Things.pdf
Size : 256.604 Kb
Type : pdf
Lady Gaga Biography.pdf Lady Gaga Biography.pdf
Size : 593.162 Kb
Type : pdf


East and West.pdf East and West.pdf
Size : 67.153 Kb
Type : pdf
Snickers Audit.pdf Snickers Audit.pdf
Size : 143.679 Kb
Type : pdf
Victor's Breakfast.pdf Victor's Breakfast.pdf
Size : 119.859 Kb
Type : pdf